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Checklist provided by the California State Compensation Insurance Fund to help contractors make sure that there is proper ventilation, workers have appropriate protective equipment, and the work area is posted, etc. Part of a collection. Click on the 'collection' button to access the other items.

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Is adequate ventilation assured before spray operations are started?        
Is mechanical ventilation provided when spraying operation is done in enclosed areas?        
When mechanical ventilation is provided during spraying operations, is it so arranged that it will not circulate the contaminated air?        
Is the spray area free of hot surfaces?        
Is the spray area at least 20 feet from flames, sparks, operating electrical motors and other ignition sources?        
Are portable lamps used to illuminate spray areas suitable for use in hazardous location?        
Is suitable respiratory equipment provided and used when appropriate during spraying operations?        
Do solvents used for cleaning have a flash point of 100 degrees Fahrenheit or more?        
Are fire control sprinkler heads kept clean?        
Are "NO SMOKING" signs posted in spray areas, paint rooms, paint booths, and paint storage areas?        
Is the spray area kept clean of combustible residue?        
Are spray booth floors and baffles noncombustible and easily cleaned?        
Is infrared drying apparatus kept out of the spray area during spraying operations?        
Is the spray booth completely ventilated before using the drying apparatus?        
Is the electric drying apparatus properly grounded?        
Are lighting fixtures for spray booths located outside of the booth and the interior lighted through sealed clear panels?        
Are the electric motors for exhaust fans placed outside booths or ducts?        
Are belts and pulleys inside the booth fully enclosed?        
Do ducts have access doors to allow cleaning?        
Do all drying spaces have adequate ventilation?        
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