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Checklist provided by the California State Compensation Insurance Fund to help contractors avoid accidents and injuries associated with poor housekeeping (i.e., debris, etc). Part of a collection. Click on the 'collection' button to access the other items.

HAZARD satisfactory Needs
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Are all work sites clean and orderly?        
Are work surfaces kept dry or appropriate means taken to assure that surfaces are slip-resistant?        
Are all spilled materials or liquids cleaned up immediately?        
Is combustible scrap, debris and waste stored safely and removed from the work site promptly?        
Are accumulations of combustible dust routinely removed from elevated surfaces including the overhead structure of buildings?        
Is combustible dust cleaned up with a vacuum system to prevent the dust going into suspension?        
Is metallic or conductive dust prevented from entering or accumulating on or around electrical enclosures or equipment?        
Are covered metal waste cans used for oily and paint-soaked waste?        
Are all oil and gas fired devices equipped with flame failure controls that will prevent flow of fuel if pilots or main burners are not working?        
Are paint spray booths, dip tanks, etc., cleaned regularly?        
Are the minimum number of toilets and washing facilities provided?        
Are all toilets and washing facilities clean and sanitary?        
Are all work areas adequately illuminated and ventilated?        
All pits and floor openings covered or otherwise guarded?        
Are tools and materials adequately stored?        
Are flammable liquids stored in approved containers?        
Are all flammable wastes disposed of promptly?        
Are vacuum cleaners, floor polishers and other equipment in good repair?        
Are electrical tools properly grounded?        
Is broken glass properly handled and disposed of?        
Is protective clothing used when required?        
Are waste materials deposited in metal containers and emptied on a regular basis?        
Are floor areas roped off when being mopped, waxed, etc.?        
Are proper tools used on each job?        
Are ladders and stools equipped with safety treads?        
Are employees regularly warned of hazards in certain areas?        
Are employees instructed on proper use and handling of acids, poisons, insecticide, etc.?        
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